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Brandon Snell


A 34-year-old adult male who spends his time on the net, going on other blogs to hurl the F-word.

His own blog is a tiny blog with a pretentious name, Political Consciousness News, which no one reads. That is why it has a ranking of 0 out of a possible 10 on PRChecker.

IP address in Miamisburg, OH:

Email: snellb@ymail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brandon.amuchasteguisnell


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Obama’s Scars

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Who is Danielle Moore?

A Satanist as you can see from “her” Facebook profile photo above.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/danielle.moore.528316

Alleged email address: craigsflag@excite.com (not traceable)

IP address: in Clackamas, Oregon

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A radical political cynic who believes Americans should not vote or register to vote because doing so only continues the present corrupt and thoroughly irredeemable political system. Has nothing constructive to offer. Does not believe in personal grooming, specifically in cutting or trimming his hair and beard.

Real name: Walter Allen Thompson

Age: 65

Blog: verydumbgovernment.blogspot.com

Lives in Redding California.

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Internet handle or alias: A. Patchen
Real name: Ann Patchen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=Ann%20Patchen&init=quick&tas=0.21484279525770356

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Yahoo profile pic (l); Facebook pic (r)

Real name: Edward Nims

Age: 49

Currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Occupation: Registered nurse at the American Indian Community Development Corporation’s (AICDC) Detox Center, Minneapolis, MN.

His Yahoo profile has a pic of the H. P. Lovecraft monster demon, Cthulhu.

On his Facebook page, he:

  • Identifies himself as an “atheist” and “In Goth We Trust”;
  • Says “Stewartism” comprises his religious views, as in “Jon is my Stewart, I shall not want”;
  • Lists Dan Savage as one of his “inspirational people”; and
  •  Calls his political views “Liberal”: “believes George W. Bush WILL go down as the worst President (n)ever elected, and as the man who destroyed America. I believe Supply Side economics no longer has anything to offer our modern, consumer-spending driven, demand-based, service economy. The Bush years bear this belief out. The Tea Party is made up fools, made gullible by their greed, and is exploited ruthlessly by the wealthy.”

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Internet alias/handle: Muhammad Abbass Pallister

Real name: Steve Pallister

Lives in: Perth, Australia

Notorious Internet Jew-hater: http://theshofarcall.blogspot.com/2009/11/youtubes-anti-semite-of-week-steve.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steve.pallister

Muhammad Abbass Pallister’s profile on OpEdNews: “You’ll see easily enough I am an anti-Zionist [translation: Jew-hater]… I’ve lived an eventful life and not all of it has been good…. I also don’t run with the crowd or care to have society or arbitrary and often inconsistent laws to tell me how to live either….”

OpEdNews member for 16 weeks 4 days. Number of articles: 0. No fans

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