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Since I can’t find a photo of “mike,” this will do!

A leftwing troll who goes on blogs to spew insults like calling people “seriously insane,” without offering any substantive argument.

Internet handle: mike

Real name: Michael Gene Paolillo, age 43

Phone: (310) 493-1671

Email: michaelp009@sbcglobal.net

IP address:, Burbank, CA

LinkedIn page has 0 connections: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-paolillo/12/196/5b1

B.A. in Communications, TV Production, Film, Psychology from Emerson College. Worked at Showtime Networks

Occupation: IMDb says Michael Gene Paolillo is a “miscellaneous crew” (mainly, as “location manager”) and producer, “known for” such cinematic gems as
“Confidence” 2003; “Happy, Texas” (1999); “The Mod Squad” (1999); and “The Late Shift” (1996).


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