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Internet aliases: anon girl lover; flamewolf393

Age: On a role-playing game website in 2005, he said he was a 27 year old man living in Cumming GA — which makes him 34 years old in 2012.

Address: Lives “right near Crabtree Valley Mall” in Raleigh, NC.

Proponent of sex with children, including parental incest with children, claiming children are not harmed by this but instead “enjoy” it.

His YouTube site includes a Polish grooming-kids-for-pedophiles video “Cock Cock Train”:

Into role-playing games. Had commented on several game sites, including the website of H.P. Lovecraftian games like “Yog-Sothoth”.

His profile on LiveJournal says:

Frolicon describes itself as: “We frolic in the spring. That’s what we do. Frolic. We are Frolicon. Think virgin sacrifices, live-action candyland, drag queens, art, spanking, sex, massages, pagan rituals, and parties, lots and lots of parties!! Come frolic with us.”


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A radical political cynic who believes Americans should not vote or register to vote because doing so only continues the present corrupt and thoroughly irredeemable political system. Has nothing constructive to offer. Does not believe in personal grooming, specifically in cutting or trimming his hair and beard.

Real name: Walter Allen Thompson

Age: 65

Blog: verydumbgovernment.blogspot.com

Lives in Redding California.

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