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Internet handle or alias: A. Patchen
Real name: Ann Patchen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=Ann%20Patchen&init=quick&tas=0.21484279525770356


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Yahoo profile pic (l); Facebook pic (r)

Real name: Edward Nims

Age: 49

Currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Occupation: Registered nurse at the American Indian Community Development Corporation’s (AICDC) Detox Center, Minneapolis, MN.

His Yahoo profile has a pic of the H. P. Lovecraft monster demon, Cthulhu.

On his Facebook page, he:

  • Identifies himself as an “atheist” and “In Goth We Trust”;
  • Says “Stewartism” comprises his religious views, as in “Jon is my Stewart, I shall not want”;
  • Lists Dan Savage as one of his “inspirational people”; and
  •  Calls his political views “Liberal”: “believes George W. Bush WILL go down as the worst President (n)ever elected, and as the man who destroyed America. I believe Supply Side economics no longer has anything to offer our modern, consumer-spending driven, demand-based, service economy. The Bush years bear this belief out. The Tea Party is made up fools, made gullible by their greed, and is exploited ruthlessly by the wealthy.”

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Internet alias/handle: Muhammad Abbass Pallister

Real name: Steve Pallister

Lives in: Perth, Australia

Notorious Internet Jew-hater: http://theshofarcall.blogspot.com/2009/11/youtubes-anti-semite-of-week-steve.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steve.pallister

Muhammad Abbass Pallister’s profile on OpEdNews: “You’ll see easily enough I am an anti-Zionist [translation: Jew-hater]… I’ve lived an eventful life and not all of it has been good…. I also don’t run with the crowd or care to have society or arbitrary and often inconsistent laws to tell me how to live either….”

OpEdNews member for 16 weeks 4 days. Number of articles: 0. No fans

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Internet handle or alias: walthe310 or walthe311

Real name: Walter Oren Hecht

Lives in: St. George, Utah

Blog: http://bell-book-candle.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743300316&sk=info” target=

Party ID: a registered Republican who hates the Republican Party; voted for Obama in 2008; and says he will vote again for Obama in 2012.

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